SolarMax Pain Relief Reviews – Is It Legit?

Joint and muscle pain can affect mobility and flexibility. Many aging individuals and athletes experience some form of pain. Experts say that most pain comes from chronic, unhealthy inflammation. Over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription pain relievers only mask the symptoms of pain. When its effects wear off, the pain returns.

Arthritis is a common joint problem, especially in older people. Clinical studies indicate that joint wear and tear and synovial fluid depletion cause unhealthy inflammation that leads to arthritis.

There are multiple ways to combat chronic pain, including the use of strong opioids, surgery, acupuncture, and pain therapies. SolarMax is a new pain relief roll-on that claims to defeat pain from the root. How effective is the topical pain reliever? Find out how SolarMax works, ingredients and prices, among other features.

What is SolarMax?

SolarMax is a topical pain reliever that can fight arthritis, joint inflammation, and other ailments. It contains natural ingredients that restore proper blood flow to the affected areas, thus combating pain. Experts recommend regular exercise to improve blood flow to all parts of the body and inhibit the development of pain.

According to the creators of SolarMax, hypoxia (lack of oxygen) can happen even if you don’t have breathing problems. In a study by the Lawson Health Research Institute, researchers found that painful joints had less oxygen flow than healthy ones. They concluded that:

SolarMax Pain Relief Roll-on has ingredients that facilitate optimal blood flow to the joints.

How does SolarMax work?

SolarMax works by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to the joints. It uses a special ‘contrast therapy technique’, which involves alternating cold and warm temperatures to promote optimal blood flow.

You can use cold compresses and ice to ease the pain. Research shows that the ice pack causes vasoconstriction, which minimizes discomfort. Similarly, heat therapy can also relieve pain by causing vasodilation.

Vasodilation and vasoconstriction cause blood vessels to expand and contract simultaneously. Contrast therapy alternates between hot and cold, pushing more blood to the affected area and causing instant pain relief.

Experts claim that contrast therapy effectively combats muscle stiffness, increases blood circulation and relieves pain. SolarMax is rich in ingredients that mimic contrast therapy to treat pain.

SolarMax ingredients


capsaicin is a natural compound found in chilies and other hot spices. When ingested, capsaicin causes a burning sensation. SolarMax uses capsaicin to induce the sensation of heat, thereby reducing pain.

Clinical studies show that capsaicin activates a specific protein in human cells known as TRPV1. It also depletes the body of a certain chemical “substance P” within the nerves that transmit pain impulses.


Menthol is a natural compound that causes a cooling sensation. It is commonly found in peppermint and spearmint plants. According to scholars from the University of Southern Denmark, menthol treats acute joint pain. In research, menthol relieved patients’ pain by up to 33 percent.

Yerba Mate

Studies show that Yerba Mate has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. The makers of SolarMax claim it helps reduce unhealthy inflammation. The constituent also restores optimal blood circulation to the affected areas. Yerba Mate also prevents additional wear and tear on joint tissues and revitalizes the various cells.

Calendula officinalis

SolarMax claims that the rare herb facilitates rapid wound recovery. calendula it has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight chronic joint pain. It also supports healthy blood circulation to the joints and muscles. Calendula can also improve brain health and stop pain sensations.

Eucalyptus oil

Several studies show that eucalyptus oil can dull the pain inside the nerves. It is common in most calming products because it relaxes the nerves and reduces stress. Eucalyptus oil is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that can provide instant pain relief.

Green tea extract

Optimal vascularization ensures that every part of the body, including inflamed joints, receives the right nutrients and oxygen. The compounds in green tea improve healthy blood circulation. Green tea is also an antioxidant that can improve cellular health and revitalize tissues.

Features and benefits of SolarMax Pain Reliever

It cures stubborn joint and muscle pain almost immediately without any side effects. SolarMax roll-on is a topical product, so it’s ideal for people who have trouble swallowing pain relievers. The ingredients in SolarMax are quickly absorbed into the skin to provide maximum pain relief.
SolarMax uses a targeted approach to kill chronic pain. Users only need to apply the roll-on to pain points instead of the entire body. According to the formulator, SolarMax can help you regain mobility and flexibility. So with just a few apps, you can do the activities you love, like sewing, hiking, and running. The ingredients in SolarMax are natural and unlikely to cause side effects to users, even with long-term use.

How to use SolarMax Roll-on

Step 1 – Do a skin test to make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients in SolarMax.
Second step – Apply the SolarMax Roll-on to the affected area while gently massaging to ensure the ingredients are absorbed into the skin.
Third step – Wash your hands after each use to avoid ingesting SolarMax components.

Each bottle of SolarMax is designed to last about thirty days. The formulator recommends using the pain reliever for about 90 consecutive days.

Solar Prices Max

You can only buy SolarMax from the official website. The manufacturer recommends purchasing multiple bottles to ensure you don’t run out of stock. Discounts increase if you order in bulk:

Buy one bottle for $59 Buy three bottles for $49 Buy six bottles for $33

Each order of three or six bottles includes three additional e-books:

Five Deep Breathing Exercises to Soothe Stiffness and Increase Happiness Massage Therapist at Your Fingertips: 7 Easy DIY Massages for Instant Pain Relief Creating a Pain-Free Sanctuary at Home to Prevent Injury and Fight Aches and Pains

SolarMax includes a 365-day money-back guarantee. They’re so sure they can help ease your pain that they’re giving you a whole year to try it! You can contact customer service at 1-800-856-5587 with any questions or concerns.


SolarMax roll-on is a joint pain reliever that promises to combat chronic arthritic pain. Use heat and cold therapy to combat common arthritic pain. SolarMax promises to fight pain from the root and deliver long-term results. It comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee and three bonuses to make sure you take the pain away. Visit the official website to order your SolarMax supply today!


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