Rice-N-Curry in downtown Renton serves comforting Indian dishes made with care

Rice-N-Curry in downtown Renton serves comforting Indian dishes made with care

Owner Gurminder Kaur said she learned the recipes from her mother.

I recently ate something delicious in downtown Renton, and if you’ve been past 3rd Street, you’ve probably seen it before.

Across the street from Piazza Park and next to the Australian fish and chip joint, Salty Blue, is the delicious Indian food restaurant, Rice-N-Curry.

Upon entering, I got the feeling that Rice-N-Curry was a very clean and humble place. They seemed well-prepared for the takeout market, as many restaurants have weathered the pandemic. There wasn’t much frills or decoration inside the restaurant, and that’s because they’re prepared to let their food speak for itself.

Their menu consists of much of the Indian cuisine you’d expect in an Indian restaurant in the US with dishes like butter chicken and crispy fried samosas stuffed with potatoes and spices.

Owner Gurminder Kaur said she learned many of her mother’s recipes. They take a lot of time and care to prepare, with some meat dishes requiring days of marinating time.

The menu includes dishes such as palak paneer – paneer cheese in a spinach stew with cumin, garlic, tomato and all spices. Rogan Ghosht is a mutton gravy cooked with fried onions, tomatoes and aromatic spices. Chicken seekh kabab is minced chicken seasoned with various spices and formed into skewers before cooking.

I ordered chicken biryani, a dish of marinated chicken and rice seasoned with saffron and yogurt that I was familiar with, paneer kabab (paneer cheese buns fried with spices and herbs), as well as bhindi masala, a dish of okra cooked with onions and spices that I never tried it before. Of course, I ordered a regular garlic naan bread to enjoy on the side.

My meal, served to me by a very friendly and helpful member of staff, was delicious, comforting and more than enough to share.

The chicken biryani had tender pieces of chicken with delicious long grain saffron rice that had a great mouth feel. The okra bhindi masala had a smoky spiciness combined with the unique smooth texture of stir-fried okra. The naan was as tasty as ever and the paneer kabab was a nice crunchy and tender surprise.

I look forward to trying many of their other traditional Indian dishes and recommend others to go to Rice-N-Curry to try new things as well.

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Jennifer Ahdout

Jennifer Ahdout

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