Reviews of Turbochillmax Portable AC (Turbo Chill Max Air Cooler)

Summer is fast approaching and your cooling bills are about to hit the roof again. Well-maintained air conditioners may keep your rooms cool, but they eventually hurt your bank account. Fortunately, newer inventions like the Turbochillmax portable air cooler it can profitably condition your indoor environment. This rechargeable mini cooler tackles hot summer temperatures without the high operating costs.

What is Turbochillmax Portable Air Cooler?

Turbochillmax is an eco-friendly and highly efficient desktop air cooler that works with evaporative air cooling filters to generate cool, calm breezes. It effortlessly pulls warm air through its filters and turns it into fresh, cool air. The unit has a compact design and a reinforced ABS casing that increases its durability. This air conditioner converts water mist into ultra-fine particles distributed in your room to humidify the indoor air. This is achieved by the precipitation of dust and smoke particles floating in the indoor air of your office or home.

How does the Turbochillmax Mini Air Cooler work?

Turbochillmax mini works with patented Hydro-Chill ™ technology to turn uncomfortably hot air into cool, moist air. It pulls hot air through its rear section and emits cold, icy air from the front to relieve your space of unbearably hot temperatures.

Main features of the Turbochillmax Portable Air Cooler

Turbochillmax mini has many unique features that optimize its functionality and efficiency. From evaporative filters to advanced technology, the unit gets your room conditioned in minutes.

Three fan speeds and variable ventilation

Turbochillmax has three key evaporation intensities and wind speeds, along with variable ventilation to direct air conditioning to target spaces. It can store enough water to last its evaporation functions for up to 12 hours. The humidifier and fan of the mini cooler have separate switches for perfect control. When fully charged, the Turbochillmax mini cooler can last 8 hours in high speed mode, 10 hours in medium speed mode and 12 hours in low speed mode.

Hydro-Chill™ technology

This office-friendly mini air cooler is powered by patented Hydro-chill technology. The non-toxic and efficient technology is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It relies on water mist to provide a cooling effect strong enough to increase indoor air comfort.

Compact and portable design

Turbochillmax has a mini and compact body reinforced with durable ABS construction. The unit is lightweight and can be easily moved to different locations thanks to its comfortable hand straps. Unlike other mini air coolers, Turbochillmax does not have a refill tank that needs to be replaced every three months. Just pour water into the unit and let it do its magic. Its beautiful color-changing LED light makes your space more attractive while helping you sleep well at night.

Silent operation

Turbochillmax has been designed with your comfort and peace of mind in mind. Its silent fan works quietly, keeping your space conditioned.

Powerful evaporative air cooling filter

The air cooler works with super efficient and powerful evaporative air cooling filters capable of converting water mist into ultra fine particles. Ultrafine conditioned particles are released at high speed into indoor air to precipitate dust and smoke, making indoor air smoother, cooler and less stuffy.

Turbochillmax Air Cooler Pros

Modern design suitable for every style of home and office
Three adjustable fan speeds and variable ventilation allow the cooling effect to be adjusted to the user’s preferences. Easy-to-use and easy-to-carry portable mini air cooler for homes and offices Top pouring without a refill tank that needs regular replacement Offers high, medium and low cooling modes An easy-to-replace cooling cartridge Provides a convenient way and fast USB charging Can work as a conventional fan and humidifier. You can adjust the lighting to match the style of your room

Turbochillmax air cooler cones

It is only suitable for cooling smaller spaces It is a bit expensive compared to air coolers of similar size

How to use the Turbochillmax air cooler

Turbochillmax is an easy-to-use mini air cooler with a low-tech design and features. You don’t need any prior training to turn on your air cooler and operate it to cool your spaces.

Start by placing the air conditioner on a flat surface. Plug your power adapter into the drive port and the other end into the power outlet. Let it charge until it’s full.

Remove your evaporative air filters from the unit drawer. Soak the filters in water for a while and then put them back in the drawer.

Fill the unit’s water tank with enough water and adjust the settings to your liking. Turn on the unit and enjoy the cool breeze.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to cool your space in the summer, consider investing in a Turbochillmax air cooler. Grab yours now for just $89.99.

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