PX7 Primal Power Reviews: Real Results or Fake Hype?

Many men begin to face bedroom problems as they age and lose some of their innate sexual ability. In this regard, several studies have shown that every year after the age of 35, most men begin to lose their ability to produce testosterone at an increasingly rapid rate. To be a little more specific, it is estimated that most men reach the age of 60 when their ability to generate natural testosterone declines by 50% to 60%.

For those who don’t know, testosterone is a natural male hormone that the body requires for a wide range of natural processes, including:

It is necessary for optimal sexual function as well as for muscle development. It has a direct influence on the natural cycles of mood and overall physical growth. It helps in faster growth of body hair.

What is primal power?

At its most basic, Primal Power can be thought of as a dietary supplement that comes packed with a wide range of natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to maximize natural sexual processes. According to the manufacturer, each dose of Primal Power allows users to gain benefits such as:

(i) Sexual benefits: When taken as prescribed, the supplement can help optimize the body’s natural penile erection mechanisms, primarily by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs. On a more technical note, the product includes certain vasodilating agents that have been shown to increase the body’s natural circulatory capacity as well as stimulate blood flow to the groin and testicular region.

(ii) Increased resistance: Another facet of this product is that it can increase one’s ability to last longer in bed, thus allowing users to maximize their ability to please their partners. Also, as noted above, Primal Power is all-natural and does not rely on any derived chemicals (such as sildenafil) to deliver its effective benefits.

(iii) Stress reduction: Thanks to the presence of certain neural calming agents in the mix, the supplement is able to eliminate any stress that has accumulated in our body as a result of excessive physical or mental exertion (which may have been caused by a variety of different reasons).

(iv) Relief from anxiety: According to the product’s official website, regular intake of the product can allow users to get rid of any anxiety and other mental issues they may be facing, thereby allowing them to operate at a higher level of efficiency.

(v) Decreased fatigue: By removing any lactic acid that has built up within our bodies, Primal Power is able to allow users to feel energized quickly and efficiently. Not only that, but some of the active ingredients in the blend have also been shown to alleviate a wide range of symptoms related to lethargy and fatigue in the human body.

(vi) Brain fog mitigation: A very underrated aspect of Primal Power is that it may be able to reduce a number of cognitive problems you may be facing. For example, the manufacturer claims that some of the product’s active ingredients can help alleviate symptoms related to brain fog, thereby allowing users to maximize their operational and functional output in a very smooth manner.

So what exactly does primal power contain?

Vitamin B3

As many of our regular readers may be aware, a growing body of clinical data appears to support the idea that the human body needs vitamin B3 for a wide range of functions, particularly those related to the human reproductive system. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as a “miracle nutrient” that has the ability to expand our blood vessels and promote the flow of various aphrodisiac nutrients to our sexual centers in a fast and efficient manner.

Not only that, but B3 is also very helpful in providing the body with a number of other benefits, including:

It can help lower LDL/HDL cholesterol (unhealthy cholesterol). In this regard, it should be noted that people with poor cholesterol health are at a much higher risk of facing problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, etc. Regular intake of this powerful vitamin can help alleviate any problem. arthritis-related symptoms you may face. Some studies have shown that it can be helpful in reversing several signs of high blood pressure that you can face and improving brain function.

Chinese ginseng

It is traditionally used in the preparation of many medicinal preparations throughout Asia. In fact, ginseng has been used by TCM practitioners to create several formulas that have been shown to promote male health. To be a little more specific, the herb allows for a wide range of benefits such as:

It can promote one’s sexual health as well as maximize one’s innate bedroom abilities, primarily by prolonging orgasm. It contains certain active nutrients that can directly affect endurance, thus allowing users to perform much longer than usual in bed. Ginseng is known to have a wide range of cognitive effects on the system. For example, studies suggest that it may be helpful in improving levels of mental focus. Lastly, it should also be noted that daily use of this natural herbal extract can allow users to get rid of any stress they may be facing. Not only that, but it also helps reduce unhealthy blood sugar levels (mainly by regulating insulin release) as well as boosts natural immunity levels.

oat straw

Like the ingredients mentioned in this list, oat straw has also been extensively studied and found to have a number of positive effects on the heart and circulatory mechanisms. When taken routinely, it is able to speed up blood flow to the penile region, thus allowing users to get a faster, thicker and longer lasting penile erection. Some of the other top benefits associated with oat straw include:

It is known to help increase natural thinking ability, mainly by improving our neural centers. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help reduce any swelling-related symptoms you may face as a result of overexertion, both physical and mental. It can help strengthen the nervous system by removing any stress that has built up within our bodies. Last but not least, a lot of evidence seems to suggest that oat straw is a natural aphrodisiac that can allow users to greatly enhance their natural sexual arousal levels, allowing for greater satisfaction in the bedroom.

Saw palmetto

Although not popular in the West, Saw Palmetto has been widely used in Asia and South America over the years in the preparation of various sexual medicinal preparations. To further the effectiveness of this natural herb, studies have shown that it not only helps maintain prostate health by reducing inflammation, but also allows users to gain a wide range of peripheral benefits, including:

It can help maximize the quality of penile erection by allowing increased blood flow to the sexual organs. It can allow users to maximize the resistance of their room in a quick and easy way. It has been shown to increase natural testosterone levels. Recent studies have shown that Saw Palmetto can stimulate hair growth while minimizing follicular degeneration.


As most of our readers probably already know, cayenne pepper is a natural spice-based ingredient that has often been called “the king of medicinal herbs.” This is because it has been closely studied and found to possess a large number of powerful medicinal properties, including:

It can help stimulate blood flow to the phallus, thus allowing users to not only maximize penile erection, but also significantly increase its volume. Thanks to its natural antioxidant content, cayenne pepper is able to help eliminate toxins that have accumulated in our arteries and veins, preventing the flow of blood to our sex centers. It can help speed up natural metabolic processes, allowing for faster and more efficient fat loss. It can be helpful in mitigating many unwarranted hunger signals that routinely emanate from our stomachs to our brains. Finally, it should also be noted that Cayenne is also very helpful in optimizing the body’s natural digestive processes and helping to release any stress that has built up in our bodies as a result of our various unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Where can I buy Primal Power?

The easiest and most convenient way to make a purchase is through the company’s official website: https://getprimalpower.com/readerversion/. At press time, there are three basic offerings that users can choose from. This includes:

A bottle is available for a base sum of $69. However, if users subscribe to a monthly purchase plan, they can purchase the supplement for just $57. Three bottles of Primal Power are available for just $177. Subscription offers can allow users to save an additional $20 and pay just $153 for three bottles. Six units of this supplement are available for the greatly reduced rate of $294.

All of the above deals are backed by a free delivery option. Each bottle is also backed by a full money back guarantee in case users are not completely satisfied with their purchase. Payments can be facilitated through a range of secure channels including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discover and JCB.


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