Prostate 911 Reviews: Scam or Supplement That Works?

The prostate is an organ in the penis that produces fluid that carries sperm during ejaculation. However, the prostate can be enlarged, especially in older men. However, this increase is not cancerous, nor does it increase the risk of developing prostate cancer. Medically, prostate enlargement is another name for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and researchers have not conclusively agreed on the actual cause of prostate enlargement. However, some experts claim that low testosterone levels and poor cell regeneration could be the causes of BPH. Also, men who have their testicles removed at a younger age do not develop an enlarged prostate.

An enlarged prostate is not painful, but it can cause a lot of discomfort. Some of the early symptoms of BPH include a feeling of incomplete bladder emptying, frequent urination, especially at night, a stream of urine that starts and stops, difficulty starting to urinate, and straining to urinate. There are several methods of treating an enlarged prostate depending on the severity and age, including surgery and medications. Currently, different dietary supplements claim to soothe the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

What is PhytAge Labs Prostate 911?

PhytAge Labs is an American supplement company that produces various nutritional formulas. The company has grown in popularity in recent years because it uses all-natural ingredients to manufacture its dietary formulas. PhytAge Labs is a cutting-edge company that maintains strict manufacturing processes and is FDA approved and GMP certified.

Prostate 911 is a 100% plant-based organic supplement that aims to strengthen urinary tract health and control BPH symptoms. The manufacturer claims that all ingredients are from organic sources and have been scientifically proven to support prostate health. Also, this male-only product can boost users’ reproductive health.

How does prostate 911 improve penile health?

PhytAge Labs claims that a team of researchers carefully selects all prostate ingredients. They are blended in clinically approved doses to ensure that your reproductive health improves. Also, unlike similar products in the markets, you can ingest Prostate 911 as they are small pills.

According to PhytAge Labs, the effects of Prostate 911 are best described in steps:

Take two Prostate 911 pills a day. The ingredients diffuse into the blood and begin to shrink the size of the prostate.

Prostate 911 stimulates the production of the hormone testosterone, thereby improving your sexual functions, including increased sex drive and healthier erections and ejaculation.

Prostate 911 improves urinary tract health by fighting infection and inflammation.

Usual consumption of Prostate 911 can increase blood flow around the reproductive organsfurther nourishing penile cells for better health.

PhytAge Labs cautions that this dietary supplement is not an overnight miracle supplement. Instead, you should consume Prostate 911 pills regularly for 3-6 months to ensure that your prostate health improves. However, the results of taking Prostate 911 pills are permanent. Therefore, do not choose Prostate 911 if you want quick and short-term effects.

Prostate 911 key ingredients

Minerals (selenium, zinc and copper)

Most fresh and organic foods are rich in minerals. However, due to changes in diet, most people cannot get enough minerals. Selenium, zinc and copper are vital in reducing urinary tract infections. In addition, these minerals can shrink an enlarged prostate and improve reproductive health. In addition, these trace elements relax the muscles of the penile fiber, causing the urethral canal to widen, thus facilitating a better flow of urine.

Saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a common component in several male reproductive health supplements. It is high in compounds that have been clinically proven to reduce the size of BPH. In addition, Saw Palmetto is effective in increasing testosterone levels, thus increasing the sex life of users. In addition, researchers indicate that this dressing can inhibit urinary tract infections, as it is rich in antioxidants.

nettle leaf

Nettle is a natural organic plant that is mainly taken as a vegetable. Ancient scholars used nettle to increase male reproductive health. Scholars now claim that this component contains crucial elements to shrink the prostate, so it can help control BPH symptoms. A mixture of saw palmetto and nettle can increase your sexual functions.

African Pygeum Bark Powder

PhytAge Labs claims that Pygeum Africanum is clinically verified to reduce urinary tract problems, relieve pain caused by inflammation, and treat various symptoms of BPH. In addition, Pygeum Africanum is traditionally effective in treating stomach ache, malaria and fever. In addition, this element can increase male libido and enrich the blood flow around the penile region for better, stiffer and sustainable erections.

Broccoli leaf

According to the manufacturer Prostate 911, broccoli leaf extract is essential for fighting cancer cells as it is rich in powerful antioxidants. In addition, broccoli leaf extract can reduce benign prostate swellings, thereby relieving BPH symptoms and supporting a healthy urinary tract.

Vitamins (B6 and E)

According to the developer of Prostate 911, vitamins are rich in compounds that fight infections. In addition, vitamins B6 and E can reduce prostate swelling and protect the urinary system from infections.

Other ingredients include red raspberry powder, green tea leaf, graviola leaf, cat’s claw, bark, tomato fruit powder and mushrooms (Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake).

10 Benefits Why You Should Take Prostate 911?

It is effective in reducing the size of an enlarged prostate. It increases testosterone levels, thus increasing your sex life. For example, it helps you get better and harder erections for longer periods. In addition, it increases your libido, which allows you to enjoy sex regardless of age. Improves blood flow around the penis. It protects the urinary tract from various infections and removes toxins that affect the well-being of your penis. Supports healthy urine flow; so you can comfortably empty your bladder. In addition, it can prevent accidental urination, which is embarrassing. Promotes better quality sleep by preventing chronic nocturnal urination. Prostate 911 can help you satisfy your partner by improving your vigor and stamina. It strengthens your immunity, thus stimulating your overall health. Prostate 911 can protect you from developing conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED). It can manage chronic pain and stiffness in the rectal, lumbar, hip, upper thigh and pelvic regions.


All ingredients are 100% natural and in clinically accepted doses. Prostate 911 pills are small and easy to swallow Prostate 911 can be consumed by any adult male This product is available without a prescription PhytAge Labs claims it is unlikely to cause side effects 100% money back guarantee


Not suitable for vegans Contains common allergens such as gluten and soy You must use Prostate 911 for 3-6 months for best results Individual results from using Prostate 911 vary Only available through the its official website

How to take prostate 911 pills

PhytAge Labs states that this is a product for men only, as it primarily addresses reproductive health issues related to men. However, only men over the age of 18 should take Prostate 911 pills to relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and strengthen their urinary tract health.

PhytAge Labs recommends taking two Prostate 911 pills daily at any time of day. Also, be sure to get expert medical advice if you are currently on any medication or in doubt about the dosage. Additionally, the manufacturer claims that most people can begin to feel the effects of Prostate 911 within a week. However, for maximum benefits, users should consume Prostate 911 regularly for six months.

Prostate 911 prices

You can only buy genuine Prostate 911 from them official website. The PhytAge Labs website has several offers at the best price depending on the package you choose. After placing the order, you can receive your package in 3-15 days.

Final verdict

With age, the reproductive health of most men begins to fail. An enlarged prostate is an example of a common problem that affects most men over the age of 50. Men should pay attention to their prostate health and seek medical attention when they begin to notice any abnormalities.

Prostate 911 advertises that it can reduce BPH symptoms and improve urinary system health. The highly touted PhytAge Labs brand assures consumers that the combination of vitamins, minerals and other fixings is safe and natural to support better reproductive health within the 911 prostate supplement for men.



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