MyVitalC Immunity Blend Reviews: Is It Worth It?

Research shows that your immune system can be underactive, balanced, or overactive. According to experts, it is essential to balance your immunity instead of boosting it. Some people take vitamin pills and food to maintain their optimal immune response.

Several studies indicate that an underactive immune response is ineffective in fighting pathogens, while an overactive immunity destroys even healthy cells. It is best to keep immunity in optimal ranges to fight inflammation and infection and promote healing without causing side effects. My VitalC Immunity Blend contains three powerful ingredients that can help keep your immune response in a perfect range. How does resistant supplement work? Is my VitalC Immunity Blend effective?

What is my VitalC Immunity Blend?

My VitalC Immunity Blend is a dietary supplement formulated to keep your immunity balanced. The dietary formula includes ingredients that ward off inflammation and prevent the body from destroying healthy cells. Unlike similar products, My VitalC Immunity Blend is completely natural and is unlikely to cause unpleasant side effects to users.

You can support a healthy immune system by:

Quit smoking Exercise at least 150 minutes per week Get adequate rest and sleep; specifically 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night Get enough vitamin D from sunlight Eat clean foods Manage and reduce stress.

However, maintaining a “healthy routine” in the modern world is complicated. Many people are busy working or taking care of their families, which makes it impossible to sleep during the appropriate hours. In addition, excessive consumption of artificial foods and high levels of stress make it impossible to maintain the immune response in optimal ranges.

My VitalC Immunity Blend is convenient because it reduces the need to ingest multiple immunity-boosting supplements. The creator claims that it is easy to consume and has a pleasant taste.

How does my VitalC Immunity Blend work?

My VitalC Immunity Blend increases metabolism and keeps the user’s energy levels high for extended periods. According to MyVitalC, key components give users more energy, unlike stimulants. In addition, My VitalC Immunity Blend helps maintain better sleep. Unlike melatonin and similar sleep supplements, Immunity Blend helps users get quality sleep quickly and leaves them feeling refreshed and well-rested the next day.

My VitalC Immunity Blend balances your immune system and boosts your cellular health. Scientific studies show that free radicals and oxidative stress fight against healthy cells and prevent cells from functioning optimally. Most people cannot fight stress, causing an increase in free radicals. My VitalC fights oxidative stress and amplifies cellular health.

Immunity Blend also supports better blood circulation, helping to increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. It provides the cells with the nutrients and elements necessary for optimal functioning. My VitalC works by increasing brain health. It improves cognition and combats chronic brain fatigue that can reduce overall performance.

Ingredients in my VitalC Immunity blend

Immunity Blend contains three powerful ingredients in clinical doses to provide users with multiple health benefits. The creator claims that all components are toxin-free, safe and effective.


My VitalC formulator claims that ESS60 can restore health and promote longevity. In an academic report published in Journal of Nanomedicine, the researchers studied the effects of ESS60 in rats. The rats were divided into two groups, one group taking the saline injection and the other an ESS60 injection. After 14 days, the group taking ESS60 had lower levels of cytokines showing that it can prevent the overproduction of white blood cells.

In a similar study on human cells, ESS60 was found to be effective in boosting and balancing the immune system of aging people. It is natural for aging people to have suppressed immunity due to slow cell growth and regeneration. Therefore, ESS60 can improve the population and function of germ-fighting cells.

Some studies show that ESS60 is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals and improves overall cellular health. ESS60 acts on rogue free radicals before they can damage cells. Several studies claim that ESS60 is 172 times more powerful than vitamin C. My VitalC creator claims that Immunity Blend can reduce the effects of environmental pollutants such as smoking, excess sunlight, stress, products harmful chemicals and viral infections.

MCT oil

Experts refer to MCT oil as a “super nutrient” for brain health. It works by increasing mental acuity and concentration. Some studies show that MCT oil can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering unhealthy triglycerides and stabilizing blood pressure ranges.

My VitalC Immunity Blend creator claims it can suppress the overproduction of white blood cells that would otherwise cause damage to healthy cells. MCT oil is also a powerful antimicrobial and antiviral that protects the system from chronic inflammation. It is rich in lauric acid and monolaurin compounds that can penetrate viral cell membranes.

Olive oil

MyVitalC claims that olive oil can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular problems and type two diabetes. It contains polyphenols that calm the system and inhibit hyperactivity. Olive oil can help fight bacterial infections. My VitalC adds olive oil because it is friendly to the stomach and helps the release of nutrients for extended periods.

My dose of VitalC Immunity Blend

The formulator recommends consuming one teaspoon of My VitalC Immunity Blend daily. The immune balancing supplement is reported to be safe and unlikely to give users unpleasant side effects. However, you should consult your doctor before using if you are taking prescription medication or receiving treatment for a serious medical problem. Also, you should not take this supplement if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under 18 years of age.

Buying my VitalC Immunity Blend

You can only buy My VitalC Immunity Blend through the official website. Several packages are available, with increasing discounts for purchasing more than one bottle.

Buy one bottle for $97 Buy three bottles for $87 each Buy six bottles for $74 and get a free audiobook

All Immunity Blend orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a refund, please call customer service at 1-888-441-1993.


My VitalC Immunity Blend is a dietary formula that can balance the immune system. It has MCT oil, ESS60 and olive oil to protect your health and maintain longevity. Immunity Blend dietary supplement is supposedly safe, convenient and affordable. Consuming a teaspoon helps the body fight pathogens, boost energy levels, support brain health, and improve overall health. Visit the official website to order My VitalC Immunity Blend today!


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