Melissa’s Psychic Artist Reviews: Is This Soulmate Sketch Drawing Legit?

Online psychic reading is a major platform that has gained international recognition. Everyone knows or has had a psychic reading. People used to opt for psychic readings in desperation as a last resort for people. It was a refuge for people who wanted thoughtless support.

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When the world and life seem unfair, confusing or difficult to navigate, it can be good to seek the advice of a psychic. One may be looking for direction, an explanation, a solution, or anything else. If people have access to the best psychic reader, they can get answers to their questions in any circumstance.

A genuine psychic reading can restore faith in your viewpoints or reveal a point of view not previously considered.

Melissa Psychic Artist joins the scene at this time. Enter a trance that allows you to connect with a person’s higher soul and identify obstacles they are facing, whether financial, professional, romantic, physical or social.

About Melissa Psychic Artist

Faced with unpredictable change, everyone aspires to choose the course of their life. It can be a bridge between wandering aimlessly through life and paving the way to a prosperous future. Despite the widespread mistrust surrounding psychic services, Melissa’s work as a psychic artist can provide some comfort to people looking for answers.

Their website provides access to a variety of love and fortune telling services. Instead of doing readings or dealing Tarot cards, Melissa uses her psychic powers to produce 100% accurate images.

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About Melissa

Melissa is a modern psychic expert with an incredible creative aptitude, allowing her to channel the messages and data needed to create amazing works of art. He claims that due to his psychic abilities, he has some understanding of the past and future, and also works as a medium. Being empathetic makes it easier for Melissa to bond with the person so she can tap into their emotional vibes. This helps him to know the problems of people’s lives and their souls.

In order to illustrate the accuracy of his drawings, Melissa informs her clients that she has a variety of psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. Essentially, she is able to sense the client’s energy and aura, allowing her to speak to forces that can affect their destiny.

Melissa confesses that she hasn’t always trusted her psychic talents in her professional life, despite the fact that her business has landed her hundreds of clients. However, his skills have allowed him to engage with law enforcement and various government agencies in an advisory capacity. According to her, she does not even need to be in the same room as the person she is doing a reading for, as her powers are so strong that she can effortlessly connect with life energy fields.

Services offered

These are the services that Melissa offers, as described on the website:

Soulmate attraction

Melissa is able to connect with the client and enter a meditative state after obtaining their name and date of birth in order to create this drawing; nothing else is needed. Their abilities interact with the individual’s energies to reveal the facial features and other attributes of their future partner. She creates the image using an automatic method.

This app will also notify users when and where they will meet their peers.

Twin Flames Drawing

Their artistic talent, empathic connection, clairvoyance and clairvoyance are used to draw their Twin Flame. In addition to the drawing, customers will receive a description of their Twin Flame that contains additional characteristics and personality details. Melissa claims she will also reveal when customers will meet their twin love.

Illustration of future husband

Melissa combines astrology, numerology and clairvoyance in the Future Husband drawing with clients’ energy to reveal their future partner. This service it is more complex than others as it includes a major life change. This image provides a description of the user’s physical appearance and personality, as well as information about when they might meet their future partner.

Photograph of the future baby

Having a child is a very personal decision that is directly related to the client’s energy. Melissa uses deep meditation, energy healing and deep meditation to see the client’s future child, instilling the positivity needed for the future.

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Work by Melissa Psychic Artist

Melissa Psychic Artist claims to be a powerful and invigorating modern psychic expert; she seems to be an empath who is in tune with all emotional vibrations. Her exceptional intuition and prescience come into play whenever she has to assess and capture any feeling or mood. And Melissa understands all of these concepts at a fundamental level. You may be able to gain a great deal of insight into their lives by tapping into people’s energy fields.

She is an empath with a heightened sensitivity to the emotional vibrations of her clients. He has exceptional insight and foresight to access and evaluate his emotions and ideas. He has access to the life force fields of others. It can give readings about a person’s life in general or a specific element such as their love life, work, health or relationships.

Before trying to find a solution to problems, Melissa asks her clients to mentally review how they feel, appear, or how much time they’ve wasted on negative emotions. She then helps her clients harness and invest that energy in themselves. This leads to feelings of self-care and self-love.

You need to adjust your transit state in this way because it allows you to help others connect with their higher souls in order for them to recognize the difficulties they are struggling with the most. These difficulties may be related to health, income, social problems or career.

Melissa Psychic Artist Price

Melissa currently offers the following plans:

$29.99 for a portrait of the customer’s life partner
$29.99 for a customer’s Twin Flame illustration
$29.99 for a portrait of the customer’s future spouse.
$29.99 for a portrait of the customer’s future child.

Users must provide their first and last name, date of birth and preferred delivery times when placing an order. All of these services appear to be on sale, given that their starting price was around $300. Through this limited time offer, those previously unable to purchase Melissa’s photographs can now.


Melissa will let shoppers know exactly when their paths will cross with their soul mates.

Refund Policy

It offers refunds on purchases of its digital items. However, since only digital stuff is offered, we accept refund requests for the following reasons:

Non-delivery of the product: Unable to send a delivery confirmation due to a mail problem. Depending on the value of the missing item, documentation that a complaint has been filed with the postal service may be required.

Download periodicals: There are technical difficulties that prevent the buyer from downloading the product. The website guarantees that their software is compatible with all major browsers, and this problem is often caused by the user’s browser, firewall or network. Therefore, buyers should contact their service provider for such issues.

The product is not as described: This type of request is assessed on an individual basis and is subject to your permission.

Return procedure

100 percent accuracy guaranteed, or customers get their money back.

Melissa can be contacted using the contact form on her website, which can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section at

The return policy is detailed on the website.

Maximum discretion: Digital delivery only!

All orders are sent to the email address provided and can be accessed through the user dashboard. Nothing will be sent to the buyer.

Communicating with Melissa

find a professional psychic guide it doesn’t need a lot of study or long trips. Some people have difficulty opening up face-to-face with strangers. By providing a productive session through calls and chats, online sessions will help people overcome this hurdle.

One should be concerned about communicating crucial information without revealing one’s entire identity. Melissa he is readily available by phone or email to schedule appointments at his clients’ convenience. They should not worry about maintaining eye contact with the psychic reader. Instead, they should focus more on the message they want to convey and building a positive relationship with Melissa. They can do a psychic reading and get the drawings from the comfort of their home without having to travel anywhere.

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Frequently asked questions

How quickly do customers receive reading and drawing?

Melissa produces the artwork in as little as 12 hours, but buyers can choose between 24 and 48 hours when placing an order.

What does the sketch include?

In addition, Melissa describes the person physically and also includes personality traits and other distinguishing characteristics that will allow clients to recognize their soul mates immediately.

Will Melissa’s drawings allow clients to recognize their soul mates?

Sometimes. Often, the drawing resembles a person they now know, such as their spouse or someone they already have feelings for.

What if the drawing is wrong?

Melissa’s satisfaction guarantee is one hundred percent. Buyers who are not satisfied with the results or feel they are fabricated can easily request a refund through the website.

Conclusion: Melissa Psychic Artist

Melissa’s job as a psychic is to give people insight into their future, give them hope when all seems hopeless. Melissa charges a nominal fee for her services, although she uses her energy in a way that few others can. People can have a connection to the future if they have access to reasonably priced services and believe in the supernatural.

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