Meet Hrishiraj Sugre, whose talent in graphics with his brand ‘Pixoury’ knows no bounds

The kind of success and level of momentum that a few individuals and professionals have achieved around the world, working in different industries, has turned many heads and caught the attention of people all over the world. This could be made possible not only by the rise of a few skilled young professionals in various sectors, but above all by their ability to make the most of opportunities and create brands that can offer something unique to people and demonstrate their excellence in the same. . So many youngsters today have risen to the top, showcasing their skills as creative souls, but one man who has consistently made news and headlines with his work in digital illustration and graphics is Hrishiraj Sugre, the founder of ‘Pixoury’ , which has grown as an excellent graphic video brand on social media.

Hrishiraj Sugre, who is a well-known designer in the industry today, had learned graphics online based on YouTube videos and within 1.5-2 years, amidst the lockdown, he started Pixoury. He is a PG in international business, but during this difficult phase, he lost clients and many unfollowed him. This ignited his fire to do something more unique, and so he began drawing graphics of celebrities, combining them with music. His project ZNMD created rave reviews and caught everyone’s attention, including Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar, a part of the film’s lead trio. Many other social media groups and pages started sharing his graphic video and since then he started building his social media audience.

He confesses how he initially wanted to do a PhD, but then together with his childhood friends he opened his own agency, where they would hire graphic designers. This increased his interest in the niche and thus he started learning graphics on YouTube. Hrishiraj Sugre started Pixoury just to create engaging content with graphics and designs combined with music to provide entertainment to people.

Today, the digital creator from Pune has earned a huge following and fans for Pixoury, which he is grateful for.

For more, follow him on Instagram @pixoury .

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Jennifer Ahdout

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