Letters to the Editor – April 27, 2022

Letters to the Editor – April 27, 2022

Questions remain about opioid patients

The April 20 letter entitled “Healing Campus a needed community asset” (Sequim Gazette, page A-14) deserves comment.

The new clinic that treats drug addicts will indeed be busy. However, the decision to open the clinic did not take into account the extremely low success rate of the treatment. The National Institutes of Health (nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/painkiller-abuse-treated-sustained-buprenorphine-naloxone) in their study found that one year after completing treatment, 10% or less he stayed drug free!

The “hard-earned victory” to open the new Sequim clinic in its “beautiful new building” may be more in the interest of the incredible sums that will be charged for these treatments and the profits made, than the rate of success of the treatments!

Another unanswered question remains as to where the patients in this group of 90 percent of patients who are not cured go? If they are destitute and homeless, how do they now generate funds for their addiction?

How many assaults and robberies will result from their activities? Why did the Jamestown tribe or supporters of this effort not consider the safety of the rest of the community with such an inefficient record?

As this charade continues, perhaps we will be given regular updates on the success rate of the treatments.

John Mackay


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Jennifer Ahdout

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