Lakeside Industries issues public statement amid SR-169 asphalt plant protest near Cedar River

Lakeside Industries issues public statement amid SR-169 asphalt plant protest near Cedar River

The industrial company claims that they will go “above and beyond what is required”.

On May 5, Lakeside Industries was notified that appeals were filed against its newly approved asphalt installation between Renton and Maple Valley.

On April 14, King County issued the necessary permits for the relocation of Lakeside Covington’s asphalt facility to industrial-zoned property along five-lane SR-169.

Many community members and advocacy groups have protested the site of the proposed asphalt plant, due to its proximity to the Cedar River, which is right across the street from it.

“We recognize there are community concerns about the environmental impacts of the relocated facility, but much of what we’ve heard is misinformation. Our new operation will dramatically improve property conditions and stormwater quality.” . said Karen Deal, director of land use and environment at Lakeside. We have made significant investments in leading edge technology and our land use planning to ensure the continued protection of the Cedar River. As the County noted, our plans go above and beyond what is required, and we are proud of that.”

According to Lakeside, the property was operated as a heavy industrial site by its previous owners for more than 100 years. When Lakeside purchased the property, the company undertook to rehabilitate the land that had been contaminated and degraded by the activities of the former owners.

As part of the operation and an ongoing commitment to the environment, Lakeside said they will capture, treat and infiltrate all stormwater, claiming to be able to improve conditions adjacent to the Cedar River. Lakeside said they will also restore and expand critical area buffers on the property.

The industrial company promoted a note in the County’s environmental determination, which read: “the restoration of buffers for wetlands and streams proposed by [Lakeside] goes well beyond code requirements.”

Lakeside said they will work with the county to defend permits for the property.

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