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Everyone has heard of yeast and other microbial infections. Fungi and other small microbes can often enter people’s bodies and cause an infection. A normal, healthy body has a healthy balance of microbes that help it function. But when a host of harmful microbes enter the system, they can wreak havoc on the body. Fungi are often associated with these harmful effects. Fungi come in two forms: useful and pathogenic and dangerous.

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Humans rely on their hands and feet for a number of everyday activities. Holding, holding, moving and walking require hands and feet. So it can be quite troublesome when people manage to hurt their hands and feet. Most people wouldn’t realize it, but fungal infections on the fingers and toes can hurt.

A painful fungal infection of the toenails and fingernails is called onychomycosis. Onychomycosis affects around 1 in 5 people in Europe and Asia. In America, the number of people affected is 14%. This fungal infection is a serious illness that needs medical help and support. Dr. Kimberly Langdon is an expert in fungal diseases and conditions. His team has developed an oil that can help patients living with onychomycosis. The product is called Kerassentials.

Kerassentials Overview

Many people suffer from various types of nail problems and diseases. But fungal infections are the most common form of nail disease. Onychomycosis accounts for almost 50% of all nail diseases or conditions. It can be painful and serious if not treated properly and quickly. Onychomycosis is thought to affect 10% of the world’s adult population.

Onychomycosis occurs when certain types of fungi reach the nails. Since the hands are generally not covered, the nails are not too susceptible. However, most people wear fully covered shoes and socks throughout the day. Therefore, toenails are more likely to be affected because they are completely covered and moist. Onychomycosis is typically characterized by yellow or white nail discoloration. The affected nail may become thick and brittle and may break easily.

If left untreated, onychomycosis can begin to affect the skin around the nail. It can cause painful inflammation of the skin. Other conditions such as athlete’s foot or a weak immune system can cause complications. Onychomycosis can be treated and managed through medical or surgical treatments. Kerassentials is a health supplement developed by Dra. Kimberly Langdon. Dr. Langdon is an expert in fungal diseases and treatments. She believes that Kerassentials can help people with onychomycosis.

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Kerassential ingredients

Kerassentials is a health supplement that can help people with onychomycosis. It was designed and developed by Dra. Kimberly Langon and her team. The recipe used to make Kerassentials is completely natural and 100% organic. The formula uses a blend of vegetarian ingredients that are extracted from plants. The plants, herbs and minerals used are specially selected for their potency. No preservatives or artificial additives are used in the Kerassentials formula.

These are some of the ingredients that Kerassentials contains:

Isopropyl palmitate:It is a common molecule in skin care recipes. Isopropyl palmitate is known for its moisturizing effect on the skin. It is usually added to skin care recipes for this beneficial effect. It also acts as a thickening agent that gives the recipe the right feel and slip.

Undecylenic acid: It is a molecule known for its antifungal properties. Undecylenic acid is a very common topical antifungal agent. It is found in several topical antifungal creams and ointments. It is usually a colorless oily liquid at room temperature. It is quite effective against fungal infections. The recipe contains a mixture of 5% concentration of undecylenic acid.

Prunus amygdalus: It is the technical name of the almond plant. Almond plants are native to Iran and the Levantine countries. The Kerassentials recipe uses oil extracted from almond seeds. Some research indicates that almonds may have some level of antifungal properties. It can also offer healing and moisturizing properties.

The most common thread: It is the technical name of flax or linosa. The flax plant is grown quite often in various countries and regions. The seeds can be pressed to release an oil called linseed or linseed oil. This oil may have useful antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Melaleuca alternifolia:This plant is also called the tea tree plant. The tea tree plant is a shrub and is native to eastern Australia. It is widely used medicinally by native Australians. Oils extracted by grinding tea tree seeds can be medicinal. They can have good antifungal effects.

Aloe barbadensis: It is the scientific name of the aloe vera plant. The aloe vera plant is a common succulent found all over the world. It is native to the arid deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. Its leaves are known to be rich in moisturizing oils. Kerassentials uses aloe vera leaf extracts for its health benefits.

Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate:It is a form of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential compound that helps the skin stay healthy. Alpha-tocopheryl acetate is an ester form of vitamin E. It can be easily absorbed into the skin and can improve vitamin E levels in the skin. It can help with skin and nail infections.

Cymbopogon citratus: It is commonly called lemon grass. Lemon is native to and widely found in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Lemon is used quite often in Southeast Asian and South Asian cuisine. Several herbal medicinal recipes use lemongrass for their antifungal effects.

Lavandula angustifolia: This plant is commonly called the lavender plant. It is a common flowering plant native to the Mediterranean regions. It grows in the coastal areas of Italy, southern France, southern Spain and Croatia. Lavender has many properties that make it a common herbal ingredient.

Kerassentials contains a special blend of these beneficial natural ingredients. The final product is an oily liquid that can be applied to the affected nails. Kerassentials is a health supplement that shows promising results over time. People who use it regularly and according to the recommended instructions can see good results. Kerassentials is intended to be used externally on the nails and affected areas. It should not be consumed or applied internally within the body. Regular users can benefit.

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How does Kerassentials work?

Onychomycosis is a serious disease that affects human nails. It occurs when certain types of fungi come into contact with the nails. Typically, toenails are more likely to face fungal attacks as they are closed. The risk factor increases if a patient has other conditions or fungal infections. Fungal infection usually starts in the nail and can spread to the skin. It can cause a lot of pain to patients and can make the skin very sensitive.

Kerassentials is made with completely natural and organic ingredients. Its 100% vegetarian formula contains several powerful varieties of plants and herbs. The experts specially selected the different components used in the recipe. The formula contains no preservatives or artificial additives and is GMO-free. The ingredients used in Kerassentials are specially selected for their antifungal effects. People who use Kerassentials as recommended see promising results.

How to use Kerassentials

Kerassentials is a health supplement. Supplements should only be taken after talking to a qualified and trusted doctor. This advice also applies to Kerassentials. The official website recommends applying Kerassentials four times a day.

Are there other options available?

Onychomycosis can be a serious disease that could develop complications. Therefore, treating it with expert medical treatment and advice is essential. Kerassentials and other supplements should not replace real medicine. Doctors usually recommend topical or oral antifungal therapies. More severe cases may require more advanced levels of treatment, such as laser therapy.

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Benefits of Kerassentials

There are several benefits to using the Kerassentials health supplement:

It uses a 100% natural and organic recipe.

The formulation is free of GMOs and other artificial additives.

The recipe contains several known antifungal and antimicrobial agents.

The product is an oil, which makes it easy to use and apply to the nails and affected areas.

The official website lists several glowing positive reviews of the product.

Kerassentials side effects

Kerassentials is a health supplement that should be used as directed by your doctor. May not be suitable for pregnant or lactating women. People with allergies should check the ingredients thoroughly before using. People with chronic diseases should consult their trusted doctor. This product is not intended for children under 18 years of age.

Price and purchase options

Kerassentials is only available for online purchase on its official website. Customers who find it on another website or in a physical store should be careful. These products may be fake. Kerassentials may not be responsible for such purchases.

Here are the price options (each bottle lasts one month):

Refund Policy

A 100% money back guarantee backs every Kerassentials purchase. Dissatisfied customers have 60 days to send an email

Conclusion: Kerassentials

Onychomycosis is a serious disease that can affect almost anyone. Kerassentials is a health supplement. It could help control the symptoms of this yeast infection.

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