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KeraGenis is a hair and nail product made by Benjamin Jones who created it together with his wife, Gemma. With almost 20 years of experience researching how people’s lives could be happier and have a relaxed mindset.

Now, he wants to share the knowledge he has acquired over the years. Although medicines and creams may seem tempting, the most important thing to support hair and nails is not only tonic applications. Below are strategies that should help maintain overall hair and nail health while improving your mood.

Benefits of KeraGenis when used as directed

These are the advantages of KeraGenis, according to the official website presents them:

Feet must be clean and dry

While this may seem like common sense, you should be aware that your feet are being neglected. When you enter the shower, you must be careful to wash your feet. Use soap and warm water. Get into the habit of washing your feet, nails and toes. After showering, dry your feet with a cotton towel. The remaining moisture can attack the nail bed of the toes because this is a perfect way for fungus to develop.

Keep your nails thin

The thickness of the nails is also important. The nail and surrounding surface should be penetrated. Make an appointment with the pedicurist if you have problems or need to file your nails. This would save you money. You should do your nails yourself at home using disinfected and clean files if you want to avoid any problems.

Better not to use home remedies

You can use convenient and easy methods to cure toenails and fungus, even with what you can find at home. For example, you can use tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar on the spot to see long-term changes, but these don’t always work to be the root cause of any nail problem. This is why, most of the time, home remedies do not work.

Breathable and light socks

Socks are overlooked most of the time. They are just pieces of cloth that cover the feet. Good socks allow your nails and feet to breathe, which means you can have healthy nails. Don’t wear styrofoam socks because your feet will sweat. Just invest in linen or pure cotton socks because they are healthy for both nails and feet.

Walking barefoot is wrong

Even at home or at the pool, walking barefoot will be a temptation for you. Wear slippers or socks to avoid direct contact with any bacteria on surfaces. It doesn’t matter how you clean the space you’re in; bacteria will always be left behind, not to mention bacteria is spreading fast. This is true for gym showers, public spaces and bathrooms. In these places, you have to be very careful.

This is a work of art formula

Benjamin decided he cannot keep the KeraGenis formula to himself. He mentions that with the help of a supplement company, he decided not to produce this supplement and give it to everyone. And he demanded that the ingredients be “real.” In this situation, “the real thing” means:


They are processed under the strictest sterility standards, with disinfected equipment.

100% effective

They are prepared in the right way and with the right ingredients so that the properties are intact.


KeraGenis is sourced from local growers who allow plants to reach full maturity naturally without herbicides.

KeraGenis ingredients

A simple yet powerful combination has been developed, consisting of great vitamins and herbs including turmeric, cat’s claw, garlic, quercetin, pomegranates and olives.

Frequently asked questions about KeraGenis orders

here it is List of KergaGenis FAQs:

How do I get my KeraGenis order?

Wherever you want, the ordered items will be delivered to you. You can order them anywhere you have a physical address at home or at work.

Can the billing address be different from the delivery address?

Wherever you want, the ordered items will be delivered to you. You can order them anywhere you have a physical address at home or work, as mentioned above.

How long will the order take?

Most customers say that domestic packages arrive within 5-7 business days after ordering.

How much do I pay for shipping?

There is nothing! As a gesture of appreciation and trust, the delivery service is on the manufacturer’s side if you are satisfied with your order.

Prices and contact of KeraGenis

Each KeraGenis capsule is made in the USA under FDA and GMP standards under strict, sterile conditions. According to the manufacturer, KeraGenis does not contain toxins and stimulants, nor does it develop an addiction. At the moment, KeraGenis comes in the following prices:

1 bottle of KeraGenis at $69 KeraGenis 3-bottle pack or a 90-day supply at $59 per bottle KeraGenis 6-bottle pack or 180-day supply at $49 per bottle

Submit an order instantly when you complete the order form and your money is verified when you choose to purchase KeraGenis or related items. The company will send you an email with a tracking ID within 60 hours and a personalized link to monitor your package whenever you want.

After receiving a confirmation email, your order will be shipped and delivered as soon as possible to the address provided.

A 60-day money-back guarantee is offered on all Keragenis purchases. This can be achieved by emailing customer service at:



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