InsideAIML Reviews of 1,000 Learners: 9 out of 10 Learners Achieve Positive Career Growth

InsideAIML, India’s most loved EdTech major, registers a new milestone in its mission to provide positive career growth for its students

90% of students achieve positive professional growth. this Within AIML The result has been reviewed by Nevis Software, an AI-driven software company. This is based on InsideAIML student response (data obtained from 1,000 students between March 19 and March 22 for various InsideAIML courses).

Vikram Bhakre, CTO, InsideAIML said, “I see many EdTech companies offering thirty to fifty diplomas and certifications and losing quality due to student size. So, at InsideAIML, we only focus on the AI programs and we try to provide them. the best quality for our students. In an industry first: Our students get real work experience and work on live projects with a company like Our students learn as they work, and this system translates into greater course satisfaction and higher placements.”

InsideAIML alumni Jyoti Kumari said, “InsideAIML has helped me improve my skills from a typical L2 support engineer to advanced Python-based skills powered by machine learning algorithms. I would like to thank InsideAIML, especially for the job support provided after completing the course which helped me land my current job at Ericsson.”

Jyoti was placed at Ericsson after completing her data science program and joined the company as a senior associate. He came from a non-tech background and had no previous work experience.

She said: “You can access the course content from your phone or tablet, which is a huge advantage for students who want to learn on the go. I signed up for the Masters in Intelligence Job Guarantee Program Artificial. Saurabh Mirgane, my faculty, was knowledgeable and competent. He was quite clear in his explanations of complex issues. He illustrated his points with real world and industry examples. People who are thinking about transforming their careers in AI and Data Science should look to InsideAIML.”

InsideAIML Alumnus Akshendra Singh Thakur said, “InsideAIML’s live online lessons are excellent. To master the fundamentals of AI and ML, InsideAIML’s classes are the best. They offer plans to excellent lessons and a well-structured curriculum.Akshendra also a Masters in AI with 100% Job Guarantee Program.

There are hundreds of success stories like Jyoti and Akshendra, who have transformed their careers through the Masters in AI program, which is partnered with
Ankit Roy, Senior Data Scientist, InsideAIML said, “Since our inception, we have focused on developing robust online pedagogy backed by robust placement support to develop a competent workforce that not only not only is it ready for today’s market demands, but it is also ready to deal with future problems. As a result, this assessment motivates us to deliver on our promise to provide great opportunities for career advancement to our students.”

“Also, each course takes a lot of your time, and you’ll have to do things like watch video material, participate in discussions, take quizzes, complete case studies, take tests, and work on hands-on projects. . But if you , there is a sure guarantee of a very good job placement with a very good salary.”

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