Indian-American designer Megha Rao spices up street style with her fashion label ‘holiCHIC’.

Megha Rao is a well-known Indian-American fashion designer who has an eye for good, fashionable and comfortable style. Rao is an entrepreneur and founder of holiCHIC, a popular e-commerce fashion brand. The brand is known for offering the best South Asian fusion fashion dresses. Megha’s Indian roots and modern Western lifestyle have played a major role in the way she designs clothes for her brand.

During summers in Mumbai, Megha Rao discovered her love for South Asian fashion. In Mumbai, the fashion designer often went out to look for good fabrics with her grandmother. Over time, Rao began to heal herself by combining pieces of her Western clothing and jewelry given to her by her grandmother. This is also how her fashion brand, holiChic, was born.

Entrepreneur Megha Rao says her fashion brand holiChic highlights the connection between Eastern and Western wardrobes. The clothes tastefully represent modern South Asian women. Rao shares about her brand and love for street style fashion, “I couldn’t find what I wanted to wear in my wardrobe. Growing up Indian-American, I wanted a fusion style that I could to combine my worlds and represent who. Since I couldn’t find what I wanted to wear, I started creating my own looks from my Indian and American wardrobes. This eventually became my label.”

holiChic has much more than clothes. If one checks out their website, along with clothing, one will find more categories to explore and shop. Rao’s brand includes graphic designs, accessories, kidswear, menswear under holiMEMS and more. Every new season brings new clothes and options for men and women to shop. The display message on their website reads: “Echoing our love for South Asian culture and championing centuries-old craftsmanship.”

Check out Megha Rao’s holiChic website and more:

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