Hale Breathing Aid Reviews: Does It Work As Advertised?

Hale is a nasal device that helps consumers improve their breathing by enlarging their nostrils. The device can be used without a prescription and is available in three sizes to fit different nose shapes and sizes.

What is Hale?

Millions of people suffer from nasal obstruction at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a deviated septum, airway obstruction, or nasal inflammation, patients need to find a way to breathe freely. Instead of choosing an unsightly nasal strip or expensive surgery, there is now another option, called Hale.

With Hale Breathing Aid, consumers can open the nasal passage without a strip or magnet. The device goes directly inside the user’s nose to open their nasal passage. No one will even know that the user has it on their nose because it is discreet. The small piece outside the nose is clear and very hard to see. Can be worn at night to bed or out and about while running errands. Hale comes in three sizes, so it can fit most users by adapting to the specific shape of the nose.

When someone’s nostrils are blocked, like when someone has a deviated septum, the amount of oxygen they receive when they breathe is minimal. It’s like breathing through a straw that has been crushed, bent and damaged, reducing the amount of air they get. When the user puts on the Hale Breathing Device, they can take a deep breath again. In addition, it does not require any medication or any other preparation; it starts working from the moment the user puts it on their nose.

Improving breathing and taking in air at the same time can lead to positive improvements in the body beyond the obvious. With better breathing, most people snore less at night. Proper breathing provides oxygen to your muscles, blood, and more. It can even improve the user’s mood and athletic performance.

It is also important to note that the Hale breathing apparatus appears as FDA registered Class I medical device. This means that the FDA has evaluated the product and believes that there is a realistic guarantee of the device’s safety and effectiveness. Class I devices do not contact internal organs, the brain or nervous system, or the cardiovascular system.

Before now, options were limited to dealing with nasal obstruction. Supplements rarely worked and surgery was an expensive dream that few people achieved. Some people swear by sprays, but they can be very addictive with prolonged use. Hale conforms to the wearer’s personal nose shape and size no assembly or customization requiredthat makes breathing easier without any of these expensive solutions.

About the creator of Hale

Dr. Patrick Byrne, MD, MBA, the inventor of the Hale device, spent two decades of his career treating patients with nasal obstructions. However, with all this direct contact, Dr. Byrne decided to create a solution that works for patients without taking a scalpel. This product apparently solves the major blockage problems experienced by their patients, and has gone through clinical trials to prove its effectiveness. It was even developed at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, ensuring that users feel confident about the solution.

How does Hale help?

The Hale device helps users breathe better instantly by opening their nose. It doesn’t change the nose or shape, it just opens up the steps to take in more air with each breath. While a spray or medication can relieve inflammation, Hale adjusts the structure of the nose to clear the blockage without surgery.

Hale is like a contact lens for the nose, instantly it opens the nasal passages and is practically undetectable to those around you. Unlike drugs or toxic sprays, Hale corrects the structure of the nose without the need for invasive surgery or ineffective nasal sprays.

Buying Hale

Currently, the only way buy a Hale device is from the official website. In each breathing kit, users receive three sizes of the Hale device (small, medium, and large), a carrying case with a mirror, tools for inserting and removing the device, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The regular retail cost of a kit is $37.99, but the website offers a steep discount on bundles that drastically reduce the price. Packages include:

Buy a Hale Breathing Kit for $29.99 plus shipping. Buy one Hale Breathing Kit, get another half off: $56.99 for two kits with free shipping. Buy two Hale breathing kits, get a third free: $75.98 for three kits with free shipping.

If the user finds that this device does not work for their needs, Hale offers a 90-day satisfaction guaranteed return policy. If you have additional questions about the Hale Breathing Kit or would like to request a refund, please contact them.

E-mail: [email protected]Company Address: Hale Inc. 152 Commonwealth Ave Concord, MA, 01742

Frequently asked questions about Hale

Q. Is Hale comfortable?

A. Yes. While some people may feel a little uncomfortable with Hale at first, it doesn’t take long for users to get used to putting it on, taking it off, and wearing it through the night.

Q. Is it possible for Hale to get stuck in the user’s nose?

A. No. The purpose of this device is to be easy to use without risk of injury or a trip to the emergency room. The transparent band connecting the pieces prevents it from going straight up the nose, allowing users to remove it quickly.

Q. Is it obvious when the wearer wears Hale?

A. No. While users may notice how their nose shape changes slightly in a mirror, no one around them will even know it’s there.

Q. Can users treat sleep apnea with Hale?

A. Hale is not intended to be a treatment or cure for any disease, but it may be helpful for people who already wear a CPAP.

Q. Does Hale fit everyone?

A. Hale right up the nose of many consumers. met comes in three different sizes which can help different nose shapes. However, if the user finds that Hale does not work for them, they can get a refund.

Q. What if the user has a deviated septum or nasal valve collapse?

A. Hale can improve breathing for people with any of these problems.

Q. Will Hale help someone with a cold?

A. Yes. The device can help people with inflammation in the nose that can restrict airflow.

Q. How long does it take to receive the order?

A. Most purchases arrive 7-12 days after the original purchase.

Q. What if the user doesn’t like how Hale helps?

A. The customer service team has a 90-day return policy for a full refund. The customer service team can be contacted by email at [email protected]


The Hale Breathing Kit offers consumers a way to deal with their nasal congestion without spending thousands of dollars on surgery, medications and more. The device isn’t a permanent solution, but it’s a cost-effective way to help people with sleep apnea, snoring, a deviated septum, and more. Month, users get all the tools to place it properly with the kit.


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