Editor’s Letter: Happy birthday all around

Michele WalkerOrlando magazine editor (ROBERTO GONZALEZ)

Happy birthday, America, and a special happy birthday to Orlando!
That’s right, on July 31 Orlando will be 147 years young. You don’t see each other for more than 100 days.

What fond memories I have of growing up in Orlando, lighting sparks that pricked my fingers with sparks, pool parties with hamburgers and hot dogs, followed by the inevitable fireworks display.

Fourth of July celebrations may have gotten more elaborate and impressive (check out Magic Kingdom’s current mind-blowing fireworks display). Still, nothing beats the memories of those balmy summer days in Orlando, swimming in the lake or pool, staying up late while parents circled the lawn chairs with neighborhood friends, laughing until the wee hours. night

As we celebrate our city’s birthday, it’s only fitting that we delve into the neighborhoods that put the “beautiful” in the beautiful city, along with a look at the best real estate agents and mortgage professionals. To give us some perspective, we’re also looking back at the historic booms and busts that Orlando faced in the past, leading to the current real estate boom.

Orlando Magazine is pleased to welcome writer George Diaz as he shares the emotional story of Jeff Revels in the Orlando REP. There are so many homegrown heroes in our community who give to those in need. Jeff Revels is an Orlando hero.

I’m a big fan of food and travel journalist Nikki Miller-Ka’s work. Be sure to read about her trip to The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island Resort, a quick luxury getaway for those days when you need a getaway but are short on time.

In 1875, the town, formerly known as “Jernigan,” was incorporated with 85 citizens and renamed Orlando. Today, 2,038,000 people call Orlando home. Light your flares, make some burgers and celebrate the vibrant city we call home.

T. Michele Walker


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