DJ Shad India has come a long way to make his name in the music industry

His remixes are making a significant impact on the crowd that made him famous.

DJs have helped bring great tunes to music fans around the world as they work their magic with their fingertips on the disc brakes. Shardul Patil, professionally known as DJ Shad India, is an India-based DJ born and raised in Pune.

Talking about music, DJ Shad India always wanted to do something unique in his music field that could help him stand out in the music industry. He began his career at the age of 8; his father was against him becoming a DJ, but his mother was with him and supported him throughout his career. He created a local band base by remixing Bollywood songs which he shared among his DJ friends. He mastered his skills over the years.

He started his unique style of remixes known as “Bounce Mix”. Because this “Bounce Mix” concept was amazing, today it has become so viral that his music is reaching every major nightclub in the world. Not only in nightclubs but also on a music show called House Party On “MTV Beats” and national radio stations like Radio Mirchi, Radio One, Red FM and international radio stations like Gener Asian Radio and BBC Asian Radio, which they helped him receive inquiries. to perform outside Pune.

He has many song releases such as Spaceship, Crank it up, The Punch, Tangle, Blackjack and Walk Away. DJ Aqeel inspires him a lot as he has contributed a lot to the Bollywood industry by remixing all the perennial songs. He is one of the best Bollywood DJs and music producers in the music industry today.

Her hard work, commitment and willingness to dedicate herself to the profession have ultimately helped her succeed in this industry. Connect with him on Instagram @djshadindia .

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