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CRAFTD vs Jaxxon

Cuban Link chains became mainstream decades ago, but we’re seeing another resurgence with modern hip hop culture and jewelry. Today’s Cuban chains take the classic formula and add a sleek, minimal twist, making it more accessible to the masses without sacrificing style.

Maybe you’re new to the jewelry scene or just looking for a little extra inspiration—a Cuban chain is a must-have no matter your age, background, or style. The best part is that these necklaces and bracelets are so diverse in shape and size that there is something for everyone.

But here’s what jewelry newcomers want to know: which brand offers the best entry level Cuban chain, and what are the factors that indicate quality and value? In this article, we are comparing the four leading brands in the space to give you a clear answer about the best Cuban links on the market.

1. CRAFTD London

CRAFTD is known for making some of the finest jewelry for men and bringing it directly to the customer at great prices. Although they only offer a handful of Cuban Link chains, each one is perfectly balanced in design and unmatched in quality.

With CRAFTD, you have all the bases covered by Cuban Links. Choose between silver and 18k gold, then decide on the width and length of your bracelet or necklace of choice. If you can’t decide on a chain, you can pick up a Cuban starter set that includes both pieces for a better price.

Another standout feature is the strong, signature box clasp that complements the thickness and style of the chain itself. This clasp completes the look of the piece and offers an intuitive user experience.

These pieces are true classics in Cuban Link style, and with exceptional prices, it’s clear why CRAFTED is our #1 choice.

2. Jackson

Known for its Italian materials and construction, Jaxxon is a fierce competitor in the Cuban link chain market. Although their products are priced slightly higher, customers enjoy the benefits of 14k gold link and perks like premium gift packaging.

We like the sharp, minimalist style of Jaxxon’s Cuban Links, and we also appreciate the range of colors and lengths available. Few other brands offer variations as unique as rose gold and black rhodium plated in their Cuban Link line.

One of the downsides here is that Jaxxon opts for a lobster clasp on their Cuban link chains, which can be frustrating when you pull off your favorite necklace or bracelet and it’s gone.

3. The GLD store

One thing is for sure when you browse The GLD Shop website: these guys bring a lot of variety to the table. This is clear from the wide variety of Cuban Link products found within its pages, and you can expect a few surprises along the way.

The GLD store has everything from white gold cuban chokers for women, to huge 19mm style links for men. This brand also doesn’t compromise on quality, and the chains have an authentic look and heavy feel when worn.

We also like the material options GLD offers the customer. You can choose from solid gold plated gold (both 10k and 14k) so you get the piece that perfectly fits your budget.

4. Cernucci

When shopping with Cernucci, we recommend wearing shades before you browse – prepare to be blinded by the glitter! Ice jewels are the signature style you get with this brand, and they don’t miss out on the jewel-encrusted Cuban Links.

Synthetic diamonds are abundant on the Cernucci site, so this is your brand of choice if you have a taste for ice. Fortunately, you can also find quality 18k gold-plated classic Cuban links.

We give Cernucci credit for creativity and offering jewelry at a fair price, but we also have to question the quality and authenticity. You may be happy with these chains as an affordable piece to fill gaps in your collection, but it may not be a long-term choice.

Bonus tip: Shop smart

Navigating the jewelry market is all about avoiding red flags, especially online. When it comes to buying Cuban chains, you want to learn as much about a brand before by pressing the payment button. Transparency is everything, and the best brands have nothing to hide.

This means learning about a company’s materials, construction methods, customer support, and more. The brands on this list do an exceptional job at all of the above, but there are less reliable sellers to avoid.

Do yourself a favor and read reviews to shop smart and get a cuban link chain that will last for years.

Your perfect Cuban chain awaits

You can’t go wrong with any of the brands we’ve highlighted in this article, and at the end of the day it comes down to preference. Find a style you like, do your research, and finally find the Cuban Links you love.

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