Commission Hero 2.0 (Robby Blanchard Training Program) Reviews

Commission Hero 2.0 is an online program that helps users earn passive income without cold calling or investing in merchandise. With this program, users set up an online store with no responsibility for shipping or inventory.


With the ever-changing economy, consumers want to make sure they get as much income as possible to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances. The use of online work has become more and more popular through the pandemic, so programs like Commission Hero 2.0 have increased in popularity. According to online claims, users can expect to earn thousands of dollars a day without selling their products.

The entire system centers around a training program that educates users on how best to generate sales professionally. According to the creators of this program, more than 11,000 people have already tried it Commission Hero 2.0, earning more than $81 million online. Users don’t need to sell their products, but they do have access to webinars, an online store, an entire email list, and a social media presence set up right from the start.

While these numbers may seem practically impossible to achieve, live training sessions make it easy for users to earn up to $1,000 a day without setting up any products or more themselves. The program teaches users a three-step regimen that allows them to make profits quickly, coordinating with the AI ​​software. Users won’t have to be stuck at their desks for hours every day to make money; instead, they need 5-10 minutes on their computer to organize everything for their day.

This entire program was curated by Robby Blanchard, the mentor of all Commission Hero 2.0 studios. His work has already generated over $5 million in sales, proving that his work has what it takes to make these profits possible.

What is included with COMMISSION HERO 2.0?

As consumers get involved in Commission Hero 2.0, get several modules called “components” to make this program effective. Here are the lessons and materials available when users place their orders.

In Component 1, users have access to the 6-week LIVE Masterclass. Users have access to training, DFY software and other help to make every student successful with their online business. The program starts by earning the user $100 per day, but this amount increases tenfold within six weeks.

In Component 2, users have access to CH 2.0 automation tools. These custom tools help anyone get started right away. In less than a minute, the user will be able to set up their ad and increase their profits by 300%. The creator has already spent over $100,000 to make these tools available.

With the third component, users can access Traffic Money Magnet. The program shows users what they need to do to generate traffic to their website. With step-by-step instructions, users will learn the phases they need to complete to scale any campaign to its goal. In addition, they will have access to inner secrets that are not found anywhere else.

The fourth component is 7 Figure Deals. Robby Blanchard has directly negotiated these deals, providing studios with at least $100 for each sale. In addition, users receive an incredible commission on the offers, eliminating time and money wasted on the effort of making some months.

Component 5 is Rapid Scale Training, and this module explains what users need to do to scale a winning ad, earning them more money than ever before. The profitability of this component makes it easy for students to experience significant success over the next 12 months.

Lead Gen Gold Mine is the sixth component, which shows users what they can do without spending anything. Users could earn thousands of dollars every day with this component, especially since they don’t have to make any sales. The user will know all the top profitability offers and will know what to do to scale the requests, no matter how big they want to make them.

Users will have access to Hero Commission coaching group for the seventh component. The support of this community makes it easier to get help when they need it, answering some of the questions they have 24/7 as needed.

Bonus content

While all the main content is enough for success, users who sign up for the Commission Hero 2.0 program will get multiple bonuses that show more benefits.

The first advantage is access to the next virtual event on the platform. The event will allow millions of dollars to be won online in two days. Users will have access to live coaching, strategies and insider trading, and learn tips from people who have been in the industry for years with millions of dollars in profits to back it up.

The second bonus gives users access to Robby’s ad library. In this library, users can view over 1,000 images from their library that have already earned millions of dollars.

The third advantage is 7 figure landing pages. These pages are templates that Robby has used to make money, taking the guesswork out of what works best. Also, they will achieve their success at a fast pace.

Full access to SPYHERO it is the fourth bonus and the best online spying tool. The icing on the excellent cake helps the users to get benefits from the first day of use.

The fifth bonus gives the user full access to Cometly. Cometly is a tracking system and the cost of Commission Hero 2.0 covers the first 30 days of use.

Users can access the content online or through the official app with all these materials. The app is compatible with Apple and Android phones.

The two final bonuses are the CH 2.0 Landing Page Builder and ubiquitous traffic, according to the official website. The landing page builder helps users create their content quickly and has several templates already loaded to help students in the Commission Hero 2.0 program. Omnipresent Traffic gives users access to a YouTube channel of training sessions to explain what users need to do to post to multiple platforms simultaneously. This last option is a bonus that is only offered for a limited time.


How to access COMMISSION HERO 2.0

There are two options for consumers purchasing Commission Hero 2.0. The first option allows users to access the content for a one-time payment of $2,497. By paying in full up front, users get nearly $500 off the full price.

The second option is to split the payment into three installments of $997 each. The first payment is due today, while the other two charges are automatically withdrawn from the user’s account 30 days and 60 days after the initial purchase.

Although the techniques offered can be very beneficial for most people, the creators offer a 14-day money back guarantee for anyone who wants to opt out.


Commission Hero is described as a program to help users improve their profits with passive online sales, taking up minimal time during the day to get the payment they want. With the promise of $100 or more in daily earnings, the program includes everything users need: templates, products, etc. Users don’t have to invest in any other product, and they can access Commission Hero 2.0 support through a smartphone app.


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