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cold breeze is a portable air cooler that helps to improve and reduce the temperature safely and purifies the air. The personal air cooler allows users to save money on the cost of cooling their living space, office and other areas.

What is Chillbreeze?

The world has changed a lot over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is the summer heat. Some people try to avoid summer discomfort by staying indoors, but stagnant air can’t improve the environment. That’s where an air cooler like the Chillbreeze personal and portable comes in.

Chillbreeze is a portable and personal air cooler this makes any area cooler, instead of putting them through heat stress and discomfort. The Chillbreeze compact air cooler is more cost effective than running an air conditioning unit and cools more effectively than an electric fan. This Chillbreeze personal air cooler is much smaller than installing an entire cooling system and only needs a USB cable to provide power.

Part of the reason Chillbreeze is such a useful product for consumers is because of its compact design. Because it is lightweight, it can be placed on any elevated flat surface, such as a bedside table or coffee table. When in use, the air cooler can provide fresh air for up to 8 hours before it needs to be filled with water. When the Chillbreeze runs out of water, it automatically shuts off to prevent overheating.

How does Chillbreeze work?

The Chillbreeze air cooler removes heat by drawing in air from the surrounding area, which is then pushed through an evaporative water filter. This filter captures contaminants in the air as it passes through the cooler, helping users get cleaner air as the cooled air exits the vents. It is completely ecological and saves energy for users. Because Chillbeeze uses evaporative technology in this way, it does not use freon or other chemicals that can harm the user’s environment.

This device is a high-efficiency refrigerator, so users won’t have to spend too much money to keep it running. It uses only 10 watts of electricity, which is about the same as a typical electric fan. However, the function is much more impressive, cooling the air instead of circulating it.

Using Chillbreeze

Chillbreeze’s evaporative cooling technology only requires the user to add water for maximum freshness. The mark on the maximum water fill line guides the user to ensure that he does not use too much water. The user then plugs the device into any compatible power source via the USB port before turning it on.

While it cools down, users can switch the LED light for some ambiance. There are seven LED colors to choose from, including yellow, green, orange, purple, blue, turquoise and white. Offering this light, the The ChillBreeze air cooler can also be used as a night lightmaking it easier to see in the middle of the night.

Buying the Chillbreeze Air Cooler

Consumers can get the Chillbreeze air cooler at web site The device is available for $59.90 each, a reduction from the typical price of $110.90.

Most of these orders ship within 48 hours and are delivered with free shipping. Also, if the user finds that this refrigerator does not work for their needs, the website offers easy returns within 14 days of the original purchase.

Shipping and contact information

Most deliveries occur after 2-4 days, and customers receive a corresponding USPS tracking number upon request. Users may need to check their spam folder in their email to find the message. All orders take 1-2 business days to clear payment time.

For customers who want to know more or have other questions, the team can be contacted by emailing or calling them at:

Email: Telephone: + 44 7488 870058 Company Address: 1 Poulton Close, Dover, CT17 0HL, United Kingdom


The Chillbreeze air cooler provides users with a soothing coolness that helps anyone. They can put the air cooler on the side table while they sleep or keep it on their desk. Depending on the settings chosen by the user, the device will continue to work for up to 8 hours, although it will automatically turn off when the water tank is empty. It uses minimal energy, ensuring that users will not see a significant jump in their electricity bill because they are more comfortable.

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