Bug Bulbs Reviews (Legit or Scam)

Do you feel uncomfortable because of mistakes? Are they causing problems in your home? Are you tired of dealing with those annoying and harmful insects? Now is the time to control the situation. We suggest a very effective zapper that can be used to eliminate all the bugs from your home. There’s no other zapper like the Bug Bulb – an anti-bug device that kills all bugs and insects by using its purple LED to attract and remove them in minutes. This amazing zapper comes with a long lasting battery and can be used without any hassle. This easy-to-use device requires no technical expertise to set up, making it an easy-to-use device. This review will provide more details of this particular Zapper, how it works, as well as its impressive features and the benefits that users can get from using this item.

What is Bug Bulb?

Bug Bulb is a unique insect repellent that effectively kills mosquitoes and other irritating insects. The creators of this gadget designed it to attract insects and then kill them with its powerful voles while protecting you and your family members from the dangers of insect bites. The device also does not emit chemicals or toxic substances to kill all the bugs in minutes. The item is equipped with a powerful battery that can be recharged quickly and conveniently via a USB cable. It also has a variety of uses as it features a built-in touch light that can be used to illuminate your surroundings and can be placed using its compact handle if you don’t need it to be placed on a flat surface .

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Working mechanism of this product:

As we explained above, the working mechanism of this mosquito killing product is relatively easy and very safe. The device makes use of powerful LED lights that draw insects closer. When flies or mosquitoes are close enough to the Bug Bulb, a suction motor inside the device attracts them. After that, the insects quickly dehydrate until they cease to exist. In addition, it is a quick, peaceful and effective method to get rid of flying insects from your yard or house. After a few days, users can remove them from the tank and dispose of the dead insects in the trash or outside the home. It can be beneficial to clean the inside of the gadget to prevent an unpleasant odor from developing over time.

Components included in the box:

Dual Power Grid Lithium Ion Battery Ultraviolet LED Light Cleaning Brush Electric Coil Charging Port Micro USB Charging Cable Lamp Rotary Switch Small Handle

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Small, lightweight and portable: This gadget is compact in size, allowing it to take up only a small amount of space wherever it is placed. Due to its lightweight design, you can carry it when traveling or participating in any outdoor adventure without bothering you.

UV LED Light: Insects are easily attracted to light and that’s why Bug Bulb has a built-in LED light that attracts insects from all directions as the light covers an area of ​​250 square feet of space and provides coverage of 360 degrees. Therefore, no matter where the device is located or placed, it attracts and repels insects from any direction.

Noiseless Operation: Bug Bulb produces no audible noise while operating. So you can take a nap or enjoy an outdoor meeting while protecting yourself from harmful insects.

IPX7 Waterproof: Bug Bulb is invulnerable to water as it is equipped with a built-in IPX7 waterproof function inside. Therefore, no matter how much liquid is splashed, it will not be able to pass through the device. This makes the device perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

User-friendly: It is an easy-to-use device as it does not have any complicated controls and does not require a technician or installation to be able to use it. Anyone can use this device with the help of user instruction manual.


It is a complete insect repellent and bug eliminator Contains no toxic substances or hazardous materials Contains no chemicals and will not be safe for your eyes or skin. Once fully charged, the battery can last up to 20 hours. It’s weather resistant, meaning you can use it if it’s raining outside. Compact device weighing only 7 ounces, making it easy to carry. Insects are exterminated from all angles with the 360 ​​degree violet LED light.

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Below are the steps to quickly create and use the gadget.

Remove your Bug Bulb unit and recharge it with the included micro USB cable. The LED indicator will appear red when charging. It will turn green once the device is fully charged.

Toggle the top switch to activate the device. The device will make a clicking sound before turning on.

For best results, leave your Zapper where you intend to use it for about two hours. Using it for at least two hours before going to bed can help eliminate mosquitoes that disturb your sleep.

Where to buy?

The most reliable source to buy the Bug Bulb device is the manufacturer’s official website. It is recommended that potential buyers buy from the manufacturer’s website as this ensures that you are getting the genuine product, not a knock-off, you will also save money as this product is offered at a discount for customers who buy directly from the manufacturer . . Also, the creators provide a 30-day refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product’s performance. The following credit cards are accepted to pay for purchases: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover Network and others. The manufacturer’s site is extremely secure, which means you can rest assured that your credit card details are safe and secure.

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In the end, it is clear that the bug bulb is an excellent gadget designed to protect you and your family from the dangers of mosquitoes and other harmful insects. It has amazing built-in features like its water-resistant qualities and compact size, high-quality outer shell, powerful batteries and a robust and stylish design that will keep you safe for a long time in your quest to remove insects from the natural environment. . You can charge this device using the Micro USB cable and then use it when there is no power and there is no need to buy the cable as it is included in your package. It can be used indoors or outdoors in your office, at home and even when you are camping. So don’t waste this summer without the best bug repellent you can find on the market! Order your Bug Bulb Zapper today!

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